A few recent acceleration tests

Tomorrow my car goes under the knife to get the new ACT carbon-carbon clutch installed.  I'm so busy this summer that I don't think I'll see her back until September.  So before I take her in, I decided to go out for some 60-130 MPH runs.  Nothing really spectacular, not trying to set any records -- just having a little fun to see the car's performance.

All runs were performed with very heavy 20-inch "Power Eating" wheels, and track-shredded bone stock Michelin PS2 rubber. No drag radials; no middle of the night runs in 40 degree weather, at sea level, with a negative density altitude.  For me, it was just the following conditions:

Time Temp(F) RelH Press(Hg) Alt(ft) DA(ft)
9:15 - 10:00 PM 82.7 38.3 29.45 172-302 2285

The real performance zealots make fun of anybody running 20-inch "Power Eating" wheels and tires on the car.  Just so I gave my car as little advantage as possible, I'm running wheels that weigh 1.5 pounds more than HRE P40's.  (That comment should make the little mindless nazi's at SS-Post go a little crazy.)  The tires are completely track-shredded bone stock Michelin PS2's.  The rear wheels and tires weigh in at a whopping 54.5 pounds.

Car specifications as seen in the video:

Car 2008 BMW E92 M3
Motor RD Sport RS-46 "Stroker" motor
Supercharger ESS VT2-46
Boost 6.25 PSI
Gasoline 100 Octane
ECU Same tune I've been driving since March.
Wheels OZ Racing 20x10.5 Rear (54.5 lbs with tire)
Tires Race track shredded bone stock Michelin PS2's

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