High Performance Clutch from ACT

The ACT (Advanced Clutch Technology) company has designed a twin-mass carbon-carbon high performance clutch for the E9x BMW M3's (6MT only).  ACT is well known for their high performance and racing clutch designs. 

This particular clutch is designed for street or race use.  The clutch is designed to withstand more than 800 ft/lbs of torque.  It features a twin-mass (dual disc) design -- just like the factory BMW unit.  The clutch also includes a lightened steel flywheel.  The construction of carbon-carbon was chosen for extreme grip on the race track, while still being drivable on the street and lasting a very long time.

The prototype (pictured below) was made for my car in preparation to the Texas Mile.  Unfortunately, the clutch arrived the day after we left, so we never had a chance to install it or test it.

The factory BMW clutch weighs just above 45 pounds, whereas the ACT clutch weighs a scant 27.6 pounds.


Manufacturer ACT (Advanced Clutch Technology)
Retailer Auto Talent
Construction Twin disc, carbon-carbon
Flywheel Lightened Steel
Weight 27.6 pounds.
Use Combination Street/Race applications
Contact information Sam@AutoTalent









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