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A few recent acceleration tests

Tomorrow my car goes under the knife to get the new ACT carbon-carbon clutch installed.  I'm so busy this summer that I don't think I'll see her back until September.  So before I take her in, I decided to go out for some 60-130 MPH runs.  Nothing really spectacular, not trying to set any records -- just having a little fun to see the car's performance.

Dyno Results: Alekshop dyno day in Northern California

Today, Alekshop threw a dyno day at Newtech in Hayward, California.  We had a pretty decent turn out and a few surprises.  Alek collected the money, and I collected the dyno results.  I'd say it went pretty smooth.  Then at the end of the day, the dyno operator hooked up his monster Corvette and layed down an insane 885whp and 775wtq.

Product Review: ESS Supercharged RS-46 Stroker Motor

As early as Bimmerfest-2009 (maybe even earlier), ESS and I had been talking about supercharging the stroker.  We were both 1/2 joking, and both 1/2 serious about it.  ESS was always inspired by the challenge of supercharging the stroker and was always willing to take on the project. 

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