Dynapack Dyno Results: ESS Tuning ECU Upgrade (351whp, 268wtq)

An ECU upgrade affects a broad range of motor performance. Therefore comparing before and after results cannot be summed up by a single number. Max HP and max toque will not be enough; we need to look at the entire graph of performance over the broad RPM range.

The ESS Tuning ECU upgrade gains its performance by opening the throttle valves earlier and changing some of the fuel/air mapping tables, spark timing, and camshaft timing.

Date 2008-09-23
Time 1:01 PM
Temperature 90 degrees (F)
Pressure 29.805 - 29.836
Humidity 33.16% - 39.23%
SAE Correction 6.1% - 6.4%
Baseline Configuration
  • BMW E92 M3
  • 91 Octane Gasoline
  • Evo Sport pulley
  • Gruppe-M Cold Air Intake
  • TQ: 260 ft/lbs @ 3963 RPM  
  • HP: 347 hp @ 8026 RPM
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Measured Results
  • TQ: 268 ft/lbs @ 3953 RPM   
  • HP: 351 hp @ 8070 RPM 
Peak Performance Increase
  • TQ: 11.16 ft/lbs @ 5439 RPM   
  • HP: 13.20 hp @ 7090 RPM
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91RON - with ESS - 1.jpgbr>

Individual Results:

91RON - with ESS - 2.jpgbr>

To help decipher where the ESS ECU adds and subtracts power, The following graphs demonstrate where the gains and losses occurred. Since measuring below 3000 RPMs is difficult and produces wildly erratic results, the deltas in the lower RPM ranges can safely be ignored.

Torque Gains vs. RPM:

91RON - with ESS - 3.jpg

Horsepower Gains vs. RPM:

91RON - with ESS - 4.jpg

Company ESS Tuning
Price $995
Contact Information Roman Zapeda
Instructions for removing your ECU Click HERE


  • HP/Torque Gains Throughout Entire RPM Band
  • Crisper throttle response
  • More Aggressive Throttle Mapping
  • Fuel Curve Remapping on locked ECU's and open ECU's
  • Camshaft Vanos Remapping (No more Rough startup (experienced when car is cold for emmissions purposes). Car will idle smooth at startup.
  • Remove speed limiter
  • Adjust or remove RPM limiter at customer request
  • Rev Limiter by Gear if Requested
Driving Results:

I've noticed considerably more torque in the bottom end and midrange up to about 5000 RPMs. The extra torque makes the car much more drivable around town, and much easier to punch the gas in any gear to get the acceleration you desire. Before the ECU upgrade, my car seemed like it would bog down quite a bit at lower RPMs. It seemed like my car had it's good days, and it's bad days. Some days it would bog down, and other days it wouldn't. Most likely, this situation is caused by the ECU itself...because the ECU dynamically adapts over time to your driving style -- delivering performance based on how you've driven in the past. The ESS upgrade doesn't disable the adaptive behavior of the ECU -- but instead changes how it adapts. Instead of bogging down in low RPMs on 'bad days' -- the ESS ECU is always-on, ready to deliver maximum torque. In my opinion, the extra torque is very nice -- something I wished the stock motor had.

Gas mileage:

There's an old addage that goes something like this: Speed costs money...how fast can you afford to go. Clearly, nothing is free -- and the extra torque comes at a price: gas mileage seems to have suffered a bit. This was no surprise -- as I expected this to happen. Around town, I would get 14-16 mpg; with the ESS ECU, I'm now getting 12-14 mpg. Driving to work, I would get 15.5-17.0 mpg, now I get 14-16 mpg. On the open highway, I would get 21.5-22.1 mpg, now it would seem that I'll be getting about 19.5 mpg. Again, this decrease on gas mileage didn't surprise me because that extra power has to come at a price.

Gas Mileage:
City: 12-14 MPG
Hwy: TBD


ESS offered me a deal on the ECU upgrade in exchange for dyno testing and this review. The results presented here were the best results we observed (same thing I've done in all past postings). I tried not to let their generocity influence my review. My goal was to give an honest and accurate review that contains both the pros and cons of the ECU upgrade.

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