Dynapack Dyno Results: Gruppe-M Cold Air Intake (347whp, 260wtq)

The Gruppe-M cold air intake looks fantastic, but doesn't really seal in the engine bay.  The "seal" is made by screwing the molded air filter housing against the body of the car.  A rubber seam in the filter housing mates with the body molding to make the seal.  It doesn't seal nearly as nice as the factory unit, but makes up for it in the looks department.

The Gruppe-M CAI it is fitted with a nice K&N air filter, which probably flows much better than the stock unit.  In my opinion, it's the K&N air filter that accounts for any performance gains -- not the unit design itself.

I want to say thanks to Mike at Rimier Motor Sport in Gilroy California (sullyz on m3post), for giving me great service and a great price on the intake.



Date 2008-08-16
Time 5:06 PM
Temperature 77 degrees (F)
Pressure 29.753 - 29.774
Humidity 34.36% - 35.01%
SAE Correction 3.8% - 3.9%
Baseline Configuration
  • BMW E92 M3
  • 91 Octane Gasoline
  • Evo Sport pulley
  • TQ: 257 ft/lbs @ 4011 RPM 
  • HP: 342 hp @ 8184 RPM
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Measured Results
  • TQ: 260 ft/lbs @ 3963 RPM  
  • HP: 347 hp @ 8066 RPM
Peak Performance Increase
  • TQ: 4.53 ft/lbs @ 5055 RPM  
  • HP: 6.36 hp @ 7509 RPM
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CAI vs Evo.jpg

Individual Results:

CAI Runs.jpg

Torque Gains vs. RPM:

CAI Torque Delta.jpg

Horsepower Gains vs. RPM:

CAI HP Delta.jpg


Sound Pressure Level Comparison

Gruppe-M Cold Air Intake (sound and sound pressure level, interior, windows up)

Stock baseline (sound and sound pressure level, interior, windows up)

SPL - CAI vs Stock.jpg

SPL vs. RPM (Stock vs. Gruppe-M CAI)

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