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Melbourne Red w/ HRE 540R

There is one thing I should point out: the wheels were supposed to have Red/Silver/Blue caps, not the monochrome caps you see here. HRE will be replacing those caps with the correct ones. The pictures you see below that appear to have the correct caps have been photoshopped to replace the monochrome caps with the correct ones. If I were to do it all over again, I might go with polished outters and polished inners instead of brushed inners.

Escort 9500ci Built-In Radar Detector Installation

Shortly after purchase I knew I needed a radar detector for the car. I already owned an Escort 9500i, so I decided to get the built-in model -- 9500ci for the BMW. I purchased the unit directly from Esort, and it was installed in Anything Wireless in Morgan Hill, California.

Here's the dyno results for 2008 BMW M3 on 100 octane gas.  This is the same exact configuration as my 91 octane baseline run:  bone stock car, albeit 100 octane gas.

I thought it would be a good idea to write up instructions for dynoing the M3 motor on a hub-attached dyno. Hub-attached dyno's (such as the Dynapack, and Rototest) are going to offer the most accurate results -- far more accurate than any type of roller, or chassis dyno. Hub-attached dynos are more accurate because they operate on the same principles as a real motor dyno. Motor dyno's work by running the motor at wide-open-throttle, then applying a hydraulic load on the motor until it bogs down to a specified RPM. Once you arrive at your desired RPM, a torque sensors measures the amount of torque at the crankshaft.

Dynapack Dyno Results: 91 Octane Baseline (333whp, 255wtq)

Before any modifications were added to any vehicle, it's important to perform a baseline dyno run.  The baseline is important because all future modifications will be made and compared to this configuration.  The following baseline was performed when the car was completely stock.

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