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Rating Supercharger Kit Efficiency

A few months ago, I was asked by M3Post user 'per' to rate the efficiency of the different supercharger kits on the market. My first attempt was to simply calculate the ratio of GAIN/PSI (the ratio of whp gain vs. PSI boost). 'Per' quickly pointed out that I couldn't rate efficiency in that manner because my own results were included, and mine were skewed by my displacement increase. So, I came up with the same idea -- version-2: Efc = Gain / Displacement / Boost. The idea is to measure efficiency as a function of Gain, Displacement, and Boost.

High Performance Clutch from ACT

The ACT (Advanced Clutch Technology) company has designed a twin-mass carbon-carbon high performance clutch for the E9x BMW M3's (6MT only).  ACT is well known for their high performance and racing clutch designs. 

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