Mojave Mile - Final Analysis & VBox Data

CarTest Analysis

You knuckleheads at SS-Post had better pay attention for three minutes (if you don't all have ADHD).  If you look at the data below, you might learn something.  For some of you (JM), it might be the first thing you ever learned in your lives.

I'd have to say that using actual dyno results and plugging them into CarTest simulator has proven more accurate than any prediction pulled out of thin air. A lot of people mocked my approach. The results now unequivocally speak for themselves. CarTest smulations have proven practically dead accurate for 60-130 (within 0.13 seconds), 1/4 mile trap (within 1MPH), and now 1-mile trap (within 3MPH).

Once I returned from the Mojave Mile, I modified the CarTest data with the actual car and atmospheric specifications and re-ran CarTest:

Curb Weight 3295 lbs (actual vehicle weight)
Driver weight My actual weight (not saying)
Weight of fuel 0 (already included in vehicle weight)
Temperature 55.6 degrees (from national weather service)
Humidiry 30% (from national weather service)
Altitude 2700 feet (actual altitude)
Headwind 10 MPH
Slope +0.85%


  • CarTest estimate: 181.74 MPH. Actual: 181.8 MPH.
  • Removing 10 MPH headwind, CarTest estimates: 183.04 MPH.
  • Removing 10 MPH headwind and 0.85% slope, CarTest estimates: 184.71 MPH.
  • Removing headwind, slope, and running the test at Sea Level, CarTest estimates: 189.34 MPH.

The Results

These are just a few things to consider when looking at our incredible results:

  • Stock wheels/tires
  • Cold weather
  • Even colder wind chill factor
  • 15-20 MPH head/cross winds
  • 2700 ft altitude
  • Same boost as off-the-shelf kit (6.5 PSI)
  • No custom hardware
  • No custom tune for race gas

Based on what we learned, we plan to make some changes for the Texas Mile. I'm hopeful we'll break 190 at Texas.

When looking at the vBox data, it appears the braking distance is 4025 feet -- just over 3/4 of a mile. That should be plenty of distance to slow down after 180+.

Here's the vBox graphs.

Run-3 (181.8 MPH):


Run-4 (178.9 MPH):


Run-5 (175.6 MPH):


Comparison of all runs:

Compare Runs.jpg

Download the vBox files HERE.

MMile vBox

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