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Mojave Mile - Final Analysis & VBox Data

CarTest Analysis

You knuckleheads at SS-Post had better pay attention for three minutes (if you don't all have ADHD).  If you look at the data below, you might learn something.  For some of you (JM), it might be the first thing you ever learned in your lives.

Mojave Mile Conquered: 181.8 MPH

Goal: 200 MPH

We had a simple idea: get enough horsepower to hit 200MPH in the standing mile. Thank goodness, things never work out exactly as you plan. In this case, that's a good thing because we wanted to break this project up into two phases (maybe more). Phase-1, go to the Mojave Mile and see what we can learn, apply any changes, and go compete at the Texas Mile. As we found out, it's a good thing we decided to "learn" locally -- because many things went wrong.

Video: Mojave Mile Speed Run-5 (Robert - 175.6 MPH)

Video: Mojave Mile Speed Run-4 (Sam - 178.9 MPH)

Video: Mojave Mile Speed Run-3 (Robert - 181.8 MPH)

Video: Mojave Mile Qualifying Run-2 (Sam)

Video: Mojave Mile Qualifying Run-1 (Robert)

Preparing for the Mojave Mile -- Final Weigh-In

Here's the final car weigh-in as we ran at the Mojave Mile

Preparing for the Mojave Mile -- Photos: T-Minus 4 Hours

Here's the final pictures before leaving for the Mojave Mile

Preparing for the Mojave Mile -- Photos: T-Minus 21 Hours

Here's a few more pictures. We primarily cleaned up the wiring. There's a few cool pictures of the boost gauge too (see left air vent). This might end up being a temporary boost gauge. I found some really cool electronic gauges that I might buy. There's two companies I'm looking into. Both have a central control module with a variety of input sensors. Then you can configure the display to show whatever gauges you want. One of them even has a head's-up-display option -- but after seeing it, I'm not sure I like it.

Preparing for the Mojave Mile -- Photos: T-Minus 24 Hours

More the way, don't blame me for the graphics. The guys at AutoTalent own all of it...let's just say they are going a little crazy.

Preparing for the Mojave Mile -- Weight Reductions

Here's a detailed break down of the weight savings we achieved on the car.

Preparing for the Mojave Mile -- T-Minus 47 Hours

Preparing for the Mojave Mile was a 5-man team effort. The entire team at Auto Talent was very much involved. Even Sam -- who normally does absolutely nothing -- was cutting out ladybug stick-ons and getting into the act. But the modifications to the car were far more extensive.

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