Preparing for the Mojave Mile: Predicting our Results

CarTest has played an instrumental role in estimating how much power, and what gear ratios we would need to conquer the Mojave and Texas Mile.  As we later found out through actual experience, CarTest was so accurate, it was predicting our times and speeds within 1% accuracy. Using our dyno charts from the Arizona ESS tuning, I input the values into CarTest to estimate how we would perform.

Here's an update on the projected results. There are three columns:

  1. RS-46 (N/A) with 3.15 Final Drive
  2. RS-46 (N/A) with 3.85 Final Drive
  3. ESS-46 (F/I) with 3.15 Final Drive
Notice that Column-2 predicts an 11.11 second 60-130 time, and my actual best time in that configuration was 11.05. Only 0.06 seconds difference. Column-3 predicts an 8.0 second 60-130 time, and as of right now, I have a 60-128.95 of 7.92 seconds, and an actual 60-130 time of 8.34 seconds. Again, near dead-on accurate predictions.

The Standing Mile prediction for this configuration is 185.78 MPH. So, anything near that speed will be a victory for Phase-1 of this project. The next goal is to complete Phase-2 in time for the October Texas Mile event.


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