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Dyno Results: ESS-46 Supercharged Stroker: 613whp STD, 601whp SAE

Strange Week for the ESS-46 Supercharged Stroker

This has been one of those weeks with my car that started out strange, and kept getting stranger. It all started last Saturday night while I was driving my ESS-46 home from Arizona (that's what I'm calling the SC stroker). After about 6 hours of driving I got a phone call that went something like this:

Robert, I heard you were running 6 PSI and made 550whp.

Video: BMW ESS-46 Supercharged / RD Sport stroker dyno @ 605whp

Video: BMW ESS-46 Supercharged / RD Sport stroker dyno @ 612whp

Preparing for the Mojave Mile: Predicting our Results

CarTest has played an instrumental role in estimating how much power, and what gear ratios we would need to conquer the Mojave and Texas Mile.  As we later found out through actual experience, CarTest was so accurate, it was predicting our times and speeds within 1% accuracy. Using our dyno charts from the Arizona ESS tuning, I input the values into CarTest to estimate how we would perform.

ESS Supercharged, RD Sport RS-46: Driving Impressions

Yesterday I flew to Arizona to pick up the ESS Supercharged RS-46 stroker motor. Late the night before, Roman called to inform me that ESS wanted to make one last change to the basic kit, and that might take most of the following day to complete. When I arrived in Arizona I called Roman to come and pick me up at the airport. The only question on my mind was "did everything go as scheduled today?" So I was very pleased to hear Roman tell me "I'll be right there...I'm driving your car."

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