Dynapack Dyno Results: RD Sport RS-46 Stroker Motor (448whp, 368wtq)

Many people have been asking about the latest dyno results for the RD Sport RS-46 stroker motor. Since I posted my last results in April, the car has been dyno'd many times and on many dynos. We've completed the ECU tuning, and eliminated the torque dip that was so prevalent in the previous dyno results.

I know many people are going to ask how the torque dip was fixed. I've read one or two speculations on this forum about it. As a development customer, I'm not at liberty to say. It's not that I've been asked to keep it secret (I haven't), I choose not disclose it because it's not my information to disclose. But just to correct the most prevalent myth I've read, the dip was not caused by, nor fixed by ECU tuning.

The results presented here are on 96 octane: obtained by mixing approximately 6.6 gallons of 91 octane with 10 gallons of 100 octane. Normally, I would run an entire tank and one-half at this mixture before dyno testing. This gives the ECU time to adapt and clear bad adaptation data in its memory. Due to a short time schedule, I only had enough time to fill up the gas tanks and drive 20 miles directly to the dyno shop. Certainly this wasn't enough time to allow the ECU to adapt to the new gasoline. Regardless, these are the results on 96 octane, and a partially adapted ECU.

Dyno Results

Date 2009-11-12
Time 06:58 PM
Temperature 76 degrees (F)
Pressure 28.774 - 29.780
Humidity 51.73% - 52.15%
SAE Correction 4.234% - 4.267%
Baseline Configuration
  • BMW E92 M3
  • 91 Octane Gasoline
  • Active Autowerke ECU
  • Amuse Ericsson Exhaust
  • Evo Sport pulley
  • Gruppe-M Cold Air Intake
  • TQ: 276 ft/lbs @ 3858 RPM  
  • HP: 374 hp @ 7982 RPM  
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Measured Results
  • TQ: 368 ft/lbs @ 4890 RPM
  • HP: 448 hp @ 7638 RPM
Peak Performance Increase
  • TQ: 101.98 ft/lbs @ 5056 RPM
  • HP: 102.58 hp @ 5572 RPM
Peak Performance Increase Over Stock
  • TQ: 131.72 ft/lbs @ 5252 RPM
  • HP: 139.90 hp @ 6357 RPM
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Comparison with previous RS-46 dyno results:


Horsepower and Torque Deltas with previous RS-46 dyno results:

Prev TQ Delta.jpg

Prev HP Delta.jpg

All Dyno Results:



Comparison against baseline:



Stroker TQ Delta.jpg

Stroker HP Delta.jpg

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