M3 photo caption contest

M3Post user AckM3 came up with the idea of a caption contest for the following photo. Two RD Sport 4.6L stroker M3's sitting in front of RD Sport competitor -- Dinan.

These are the best photo captions submitted.


  • You Dinsum, you lose sum
  • Dinan... Its what's for dinner
  • I'm here to install my Dinan floormats...any chance of getting a before and after dyno printout?
  • PencilGeek and ND54 to Steve Dinan: "Look I know you are pissed but, different strokes for different folks".
  • Hello. We just happened to be in the neighborhood. Can Steve come out and play?
  • Upgrades after trading in the Dinan Badge.
  • Sorry Steve RD Sport had a group buy.
  • RD Sport had a buy one get one free.
  • DINAN Executive parking ONLY
  • Dammit, I knew we should've turned right.
  • Well, uhh, this is awkward.
  • Dinan R&D parking
  • Just in time for Dinner!!!
  • Look Steve, we are definitely not here to stroke your ego
  • Dinan Stage IV
  • RDSport declares to Dinan:  "All your base are belong to us"
  • Eventually everyone comes to us to get their car modified properly
  • Call the tow truck company. Two D-bags double parked blocking the handicap parking.
  • Read the damn curb, NO PARKING!
  • It's gonna cost how much to fix our blown motors?!?!
  • Knock, knock . . . who's there?" "Stoker bitch!"
  • We're from the Girls Scouts here to sell sum PWNage cookies!
  • Steve Dinan to Federico Pavoncelli, *ahem* "F*ck you!
  • Alright, here's the deal. You take a piss on the door while I take a dump." "Deal!"
  • 9.2 L....V16s...Hey steve look outside I dont think we've ever built anything like that before...
  • 2 E92 M3's... $130,000+
    2 RD Sport stroker engines... $65,600
    1 Disposable Camera... $5
    2 RD Sport stroker M3's in front of Dinan... Priceless!


  • Pencil Geek: "You got the stuff we need?"
    AckM3: "Brick, check. Spray paint, check. Crowbar, check. Overpriced Dinan Lowering Springs, check."
    Pencil Geek: "Let's do this!"


  • If one was super charged you Geek's car would be saying "Stroke me" and the other would be saying "Blow me."
  • We dont wait for the competition to come to us, we introduce ourselves to them....
  • Bounty hunters coming to get the Non-funded DINAN rebates
  • Why waste time Dinan her when you can just stroke it.


  • The Strokers came to the house of brick
    And they said "Pigs let me in!"
    They cried, "No no no no no no way
    Not by the hair on our chinny-chin-chins."

    The Strokers said they'd huff and they'd puff and they did,
    But that house stayed in its place.
    Well, they huffed and they puffed and they huffed and they puffed
    'til they were purple in the face.

    The third pig's work had made his house really strong
    And the Strokers could not get in.
    They finally turned and ran away
    And you could hear the pigs say,

    Let's sing and play, "Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"
    "We're safe inside! Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"

    What's the moral of the story???

    Dem pigs were scared to come out and play!!!



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