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Video: BMW E92 M3 with Ericsson M480 Full Titanium Exhaust (Part-2)

Dynapack Dyno Results: Amuse Ericsson M480 Exhaust (374whp, 276wtq)

I waited five months for the Amuse Ericsson M480 Titanium exhaust to arrive, and when it did, I didn't have time to dyno test it. Now that SEMA is over, I put aside some time to dyno test the exhaust. Though the horsepower gains are modest, the torque gains are VERY impressive.

Choosing the correct Final Drive Ratio and Differential

If you're considering changing the final drive ratio in your BMW, the cheapest approach is to simply replace your existing final drive ratio with one of Dan's @ DiffsOnline. But there are also options to replace your differential at the same time. I'll explain those options below.

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