Melbourne Red w/ HRE P40, Brembo custom color, and Eibach Pro-Kit

After getting the HRE 540R's (see them here), I wasn't completely satisfied with the look on the car, but there was nothing I could do about it. The wheels were supposed to be compatible with the Brembo big brake kit. However, when the Brembo's were installed, the two rear wheels were not compatible. This was nobody's fault really, Brembo had changed the specs for the rear calipers between the time I ordered them (the wheels) and the time the Brembo's were installed.

So, knowing that somebody ("somebody" -- meaning -- NOT ME), would need to replace my two rear wheels, I asked "what would it take to swap the entire set of HRE 540R's for HRE P40's." Answer: without being might as well have been.

In the mean time, Eibach had contacted me about using my car for their development. On May 31st, I drove the car 300+ miles to Eibach in Corona California. That's the last time I drove my car for 2.5 months -- until August 9th, 2008. The delay wasn't Eibach...but instead my busy schedule. While Eibach had the car, they displayed it in a few car shows, and for various advertising and photo shoots for their products.

But yesterday (August 9th), I finally got to drive my car once again, and drove it home after attending the HRE Open House, and SoCal Euro event. My baby is finally back at home where it belongs.

P.S. The yellow Brembo's look SO much better in person than I ever thought they would.

Size 20 x 9 (Front)
20 x 10.5 (Rear)
Tires 245-30-20 (Front)
295-25-20 (Rear)
Cost Contact Wheels Boutique for competitive pricing.
OEM TPMS Installed
Brakes Brembo 380mm Big Brake Kit
Color Lamborghini (pearl) Yellow
Front 6 piston, 380mm x 34mm
Rear 4 piston, 380mm x 28mm
Cost MSRP: $7750. Call Auto Talent for competitive pricing.











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