Dynapack Dyno Results: 91 Octane Baseline (333whp, 255wtq)

Before any modifications were added to any vehicle, it's important to perform a baseline dyno run.  The baseline is important because all future modifications will be made and compared to this configuration.  The following baseline was performed when the car was completely stock.

Before I get into the numbers and explain it, first let me say that many of you are going to criticize, moan, and complain. You will be tempted to compare one against the other -- and some will say "yours is better than mine." But before you do, keep in mind that I don't trust anybody's numbers -- because they are too easily manipulated. Too many people have too many reasons to lie, and basically, I don't trust them. I don't care if my car is "better than yours" -- and therefore I have no reason or any intention to lie about these numbers. I'm going to give them to you exactly like I received them. I will give you a spreadsheet to download -- where you can see exactly how everything is derived.

Comparing to RRI dyno results:

I've seen the RRI dyno results. The RRI dyno and Dynapack 4000 are essentially the same thing. Regardless, if you compare my results to theirs, you will see they are apples-to-oranges. 1) They dyno'd over an extended period of time and took the best numbers they could come up with. You can see this by downloading the data and seeing the temperature change by 6 degrees and the humidity change by 6% during these dyno runs. 2) They used a steady-state dyno run instead of a ramp dyno run. In a steady-state run, they hold the car at a specific RPM for 5 seconds, then move to the next RPM point and measure again. 3) They are using 98 RON octane, and I am using 91 (R+M/2) octane -- a difference of about 4 points. 4) They used 4th gear (you can tell by analyzing the raw numbers), whereas we used 3rd gear.

Date 2008-08-16
Time 12:06 PM
Temperature 74 degrees (F)
Pressure 29.763 - 29.810
Humidity 36.45% - 40.28%
SAE Correction 3.2% - 3.5%
Baseline Configuration
  • BMW E92 M3 (completely stock)
  • 91 Octane Gasoline
Measured Results
  • TQ: 255 ft/lbs @ 3999 RPM
  • HP: 333 hp @ 7843 RPM
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91 RON.jpg

Individual Results:

91 RON Runs.jpg

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