Who is PencilGeek?

My name is Robert Collins, and I'm "PencilGeek" on the popular BMW car forum -- M3Post.com.  I decided to start my own BMW blog because it offers me more freedom to post what I want to post without the restrictions of the online car forums.  The online car forums are great up to a point.  But when they become too heavily moderated, then it's time to leave and find another place to post. 

I have used my spare time to write many programs to help the BMW community.  I designed and wrote the Dyno Database, the Wheels DataBase, various spreadsheets to calculate gear ratio optimizations.  I wrote SAE correction software which helps normalize uncorrected dyno results for atmospheric (weather) conditions. 

My current car specs are as follows:

Make / Model: 2008 BMW M3 (Melbourne Red)
Engine: RD Sport RS-46 4.6L "Stroker" motor
Forced Induction ESS VT2++ Supercharger
Horsepower: 613whp*
* = We added another 55 more horsepower since these tests, but have yet to confirm the results on our "home" dyno.
Torque: 429 wft/lbs torque.*
Standing Mile: 186.1 MPH (Texas Mile)
181.8 MPH (Mojave Mile)

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