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Dyno Testing Methodology -- Explained

In the mid 1980's, I worked at a very prestigious auto racing manufacturer (Drake Engineering), where I ran the high performance street car division. While employed I witnessed the meticulous design and testing methodology that helped them win Indy-500 twenty-six times. Using standard scientific methods were the hallmark of their design and testing methodology. Every design was dyno tested on a 1000hp Henan-Freud dyno. I learned the advantages of real motor dynos, and learned why roller (inertial) dynos did more to guess horsepower than to measure it.

Who is PencilGeek?

My name is Robert Collins, and I'm "PencilGeek" on the popular BMW car forum -- M3Post.com.  I decided to start my own BMW blog because it offers me more freedom to post what I want to post without the restrictions of the online car forums.  The online car forums are great up to a point.  But when they become too heavily moderated, then it's time to leave and find another place to post. 

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