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Driving impressions: RS-46 with ESS tune

Driving impressions: RS-46 with ESS tune
My car has been on quite a journey. My first modification was a pulley, followed by the Gruppe-M Intake, ESS Tune, AA Tune, Amuse Ericsson Exhaust, and then the RS-46 stroker motor. The stroker motor had four separate tunes of its own: my left-over AA tune, Company-A, Factory, and ESS. But before ESS received the car, it went through even more changes. None of these dyno charts are posted (some day I'll post them), but I also installed Dinan Throttle Bodies, Technocraft Envy Intake, and I reinstalled my Ericsson exhaust onto the stroker in a catless configuration. Knowing that I wouldn't need the Envy intake, I sold it before turning over the car to ESS for ECU tuning, and then a stage-2 supercharger.

Recent History
There's probably no way to write this story without somebody getting butt hurt and feeling like they're being thrown under the bus. The purpose of telling this story is neither: I'm not intending to hurt anybody's feelings, and I'm not trying to throw anybody under the bus. I've always been completely honest with the readers here, and so as I unfold and tell this story, I will give as many details as I can. There are certain details that I will still keep secret and will not disclose because disclosing them would do more harm than good. So the purpose is to tell the story honestly and give as much details as necessary for everybody to understand the project -- and in doing so, some details will still be kept secret.

How to program your own vehicle

During the investigation of retrofitting the 09 iDrive into an earlier vehicle, I bought all of the programming tools necessary to do my own vehicle coding. The plan was to use the actual BMW tools and software, and not bootleg versions. It turns out that the retrofit is not really feasible, so I kind of put it on the back-burner. So now what do I do with the tools besides sell them or figure out how to program my own vehicle?

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