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Exposing DYNO cheaters: how they do it, and how to catch them

Dyno Cheating:

As this thread states, its purpose is to discuss dyno cheating, how it's done, and how to prevent it. I'm hoping that people familiar with different dyno brands will lend their expertise to this discussion to help expose and prevent dyno cheating. As new dynos are discussed, I'll roll up the results into this message. If there's enough interest in this thread, I'll eventually make it a sticky.

Video: BMW RS46 Morgan Hill Back Roads

Video: RS46 60-130 MPH: 11.05 Seconds with Video VBox

Video: RS46 60-130 MPH: 11.22 Seconds with Video VBox

Video: RS46 60-130 MPH: 11.23 Seconds with Video VBox

Video BUSTED: VBox 60-130 MPH Runs by BMW Club

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