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Video: BMW E92 M3 Interior Sound Check

Dynapack Dyno Results: Gruppe-M Cold Air Intake (347whp, 260wtq)

The Gruppe-M cold air intake looks fantastic, but doesn't really seal in the engine bay.  The "seal" is made by screwing the molded air filter housing against the body of the car.  A rubber seam in the filter housing mates with the body molding to make the seal.  It doesn't seal nearly as nice as the factory unit, but makes up for it in the looks department.

Video: BMW E92 M3 with Gruppe-M Cold Air Intake

Video: BMW E92 M3 Dyno run with Evo Sport Power Pulley

Video: BMW E92 M3 Stock Exhaust Sound Check

Video: BMW E92 M3, Gruppe-M CAI, Interior Sound Check

Here's the dyno results for 2008 BMW M3 with EvoSport Underdrive Pulley on 91 octane gas.

BMW Performance Wheel Pictures

The BMW Performance Steering Wheel is offered by BMW for any E9x cars with CAN-BUS.  It should work with all 3-series and M3 models with all Transmissions variations.  In addition to providing engine and water temperatures, the steering wheel has shift indicator lights, 1/4 mile timing, lap timing, sub-lap timing, g-force meter, etc.  It's not accurate as it could be, but it's a great addition to the car.

After getting the HRE 540R's (see them here), I wasn't completely satisfied with the look on the car, but there was nothing I could do about it. The wheels were supposed to be compatible with the Brembo big brake kit. However, when the Brembo's were installed, the two rear wheels were not compatible. This was nobody's fault really, Brembo had changed the specs for the rear calipers between the time I ordered them (the wheels) and the time the Brembo's were installed.

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