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Configuration Settings for BMW "Premium Sound"

Early-on when I purchased my car, I noticed that the "Premium Sound" really sucked.  I started a thread at M3Post discussing the topic.  As the thread progressed, of course there were many people who disagreed with my analysis.  I have some very sophisticated recording equipment, so I brought it into my car, captured a spectrum analysis, and created some settings that "fixed" (or at least flattened out) the sound.  These settings are now widely used by other M3 owners and reposted and advertised on many different car forums and threads.

First pictures of the new car

Here's some pictures of my car a week or two after my purchase.  These pictures were taken when the car was still completely stock.

How to View and Compare Dynapack Dyno Files

Until I supercharged my car, most all of my dyno performance tests were performed on a Dynapack dynamometer.  With your original dyno files and the right tools, it's easy to view, compare, and print your own Dynapack dyno results.  Below are detailed instructions for viewing and comparing files from a Dynapack dyno.

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